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T1 vs SB Highlights ALL GAMES | LCK Summer 2020 W2D5 | T1 vs Sandbox Gaming

T1 vs SB Highlights Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, ALL GAMES | LCK Summer 2020 W2D5 | T1 vs Sandbox Gaming

Full Series/Day playlist:

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Carlos Gutierrez : THANK U for adding more minutes so i dont know how many games or who won <3
Ashiee : 2:42 Onfleek wants to join SKT. I can see a big fanboy right there.
Chris This : yamato is depressed
Nicklaus : 12:44 that was sick ?
Random Dude : I love faker as he is one of the reason that i fell inlove with lol, but he is past his prime, he is good but not more and less in top 5, as his mechanics is falling off from the top dogs of midlaners. I have shifted my interest on teddy, canna and effort. The org gave these players a chance to shine and so they did, i cant wait for the new rising star for T1.
Vor : I think Faker deserved POG in games 1 and 2. In game 1 the way he baited the whole team to kill him basically wasting all of the skills of SB. While in game 2 he just styled on them.
Duncan Francis : Omfg yes the firefly reference!!!! Great episode too!
carlo d : 6:06
Rinrin Fran : 2:43 Godlike reaction time
7:44 Look at that HEALING
Rinrin Fran : #T1Win Forever!!!

SB vs T1 - Game 2 | Week 2 Day 5 S10 LCK Summer 2020 | Sandbox Gaming vs T1 G2

lck T1 vs SB G2 W2D5 lck Summer 2020 - T1 vs Sandbox Gaming Game 2 Week 2 Day 5 LoL eSports LCK Korea Summer 2020.
LoL eSports Season 10 LCK Summer 2020 - Sandbox Gaming vs T1 Game 2.
Fourth match of the day - T1 vs Sandbox Gaming best of 3 game 2. SB vs T1 G2.

Sandbox Gaming line-up:
Summit - Top Lucian
OnFleek - Jungle Gragas
Dove - Mid Irelia
Route - AD Syndra
GorillA - Support Sett

T1 Line-up:
Canna - Top Kennen
Ellim - Jungle Trundle
Faker - Mid Azir
Teddy - AD Kalista
Effort - Support Rakan

Patch: 10.12 - Season 10
Game date: 28.06.2020 | 06/28/2020 | June 28th 2020
Game place: Online
Casters: Wadid and Atlus

S10 LCK Summer 2020 - Week 2 Playlist:
S10 LCK Summer 2020 - Week 1 Playlist:
S10 LCK Summer 2020 All Games Playlist:
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#lolesports #leagueoflegends #esports #league #vods #epicskillshot #ess

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S10 LCK Summer 2020 All Games Playlist:
It's Pleb : SandBag Gaming
Furkan Öztürk : 16:46 faker?
Kenneth Kenneth : First time Effort doesn't hit the Nexus to end the game. Effort is improving HAHAHHA
ShawnBlaque : Wadid commentary is really good and he's fucking jokes
ShawnBlaque : Teddy 1 lmao! He's actually so damn good though
st aeryn : SB's jungler's name is OnFleek, I kinda had to cheer for them.
King Gloxinia : The other announcemer is quite cringe to listen to
xelasneko : Probably just me, but I did a double take when I see Sandbox Gaming vs T1 *G2*.
Admiral Xk : talking about cannon rush bringing back memories


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raychia008 : Sb beard
porkchop dude : Do more sb sundays we love them
Joalim the Lego builder : My name is Joalim and I really want to go in your Minecraft Walder can you please put the link to your word of Minecraft and we can be friends and help you to beet Aimajolem whatever is his name.
Michael Builder : when's the next video coming out?
Tegra Diur : sb bring back sb sundays
Fergus Ascot : Sb is gaining 1k subs everyday he'll be at 1 mil at no time! So exited 4 u sb and really happy 4 u
FiveForLife1499 : Road to 1M
bob mcfattie : Sb: wat kind of name is Anubis, that's a stupid name
The ancient Egyptians:...
JJ King : Love your vids
JJ King : Play pixel gun 3d




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