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You Can't Teach Vision Like Kevin De Bruyne's..

Kevin De Bruyne KDB Manchester Man City Belgium When Football Becomes Art Technique Highlights Goals Goal Skills Skills Assists Best Top Most vs 2021 2020/21


Music: Roddy Ricch x Mustard Type Beat - Live Forever (prod. VITALS)


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ASComps - Match Compilations : Is Kevin De Bruyne the best creator in football at the moment? Who else is up there? Let me know...
mohamedali missaoui : I assure you 100% that if Kevin was playing for Barcelona or Real Madrid they'll be comparing him with Zidane or Xavi by now, just wait until he retires cuz he deserves to be acknowledged as one of the most complete midfielders to grace the world of football.
The 1 Percent // Mindset Training : Alternative title: The reason KDB doesn't get 100 assists a season
Score 7i : your videos are always fantastic.
Slytherin's Basilisk : De Bruyne just has everything man. He is so clutch and a joy to watch. Hoping Belgium bring the Euro's home

Kevin De Bruyne 2021 - Sublime Dribbling Skills, Goals & Assists || HD

This one took a long time to make! Thanks to every single one of you for 6,000 subscribers, I appreciate your support.

Kevin De Bruyne is currently having an exceptional season for Manchester City, scoring 8 goals and assisting 16 goals in 33 appearances as well as leading Manchester City to another league title and to the Quarter Finals of the CL. On current form it is hard to argue that there are many better midfielders on the planet than him right now!

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Music :

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I will try to upload every 1-2 weeks from now on, I am extremely busy but will be putting out as much content as I can.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.
CBcomps : The best midfielder in the world?
Doctor Prishnicov : I remember some years ago I thought he was overrated and didn't like him tbh. But I completely changed my mind. I started watching him play, and what he does is an absolute madness. Best midfielder in the world by far, only a few players come close. On his day maybe even the best player. Some journalist in my country says De Bruyne is the player that impresses him the most. Yes, even more than Messi. It says quite a lot
Nonkel Jef : He's such a machine. No show or flashy skills, just pure efficiency and hard work.
Jorge Fernandez : The greatest midfielder of the last 4 years.
Amaal Julien : Kdb dribbling and skill is criminally underrated bro also he has alot of pace

Kevin De Bruyne - the SONG! (Arsenal vs Man City & Newcastle Amazing KDB Goals!!)

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Suhaib Suhaib : Real Talk: De Bruyne is the best midfielder in the world at the moment. Chelsea Fan.
Flying solo : I’ve been saying it for about 2 years now, De Bruyne is by far the best midfielder in the world, and among the top 3-5 players in world football.
Tom Oliver : Journalist: How many times did KDB score?

Pep: TWICE!!!!!!!! TWICE!!!!!!!! TWICEEEEEEE!!!!!
Christina S : Petition to play this at the Etihad after every De Bruyne goal
Ngawang Losel : Never seen a midfielder who can assist brilliantly, score with both left and right and counter even he has normal pace! Sometimes I think the god has given him a unique feet that delivers the ball to striker or goal scorer at the right place and time! KDB also known as G.A.M.A.T = Greatest attacking midfielder of all time!!!




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